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The overarching goal of Humane Education Resources Organization (HERO) is to develop a bold, new dynamic synergy between humanity and the natural world based on empathy and kindness, and fostered by education. By strengthening the commonality between humans and the creatures we coexist with, HERO seeks to engender a shared sense of responsibility. An enlightened stewardship, not in the old world’s paternalistic and anthropocentric sense, but in an informed and visionary new way, based on love for the world we live in and an acknowledgment of the invisible but binding interconnectedness of everything.

But HERO is also about the here and now, about practical solutions, about the real world, about making our day-to-day lives, and the lives of all sentient beings, better and safer. We will do this through humane education videos for children. Each series of videos will cover different topics with an emphasis on kindness, respect, empathy, courage, and responsibility. The topics will include pets, cultural and religious diversity, disabilities, the environment, and wildlife. The videos will be available online for streaming through our website.

Through small but meaningful improvements to a way of life on a regular and ongoing basis, over time, we can create massive innovation and change. So it will be with HERO. We will start saving the world one dog, one cat, one garden, one park, one acre of rain forest, one saved glacier, one more tolerant schoolyard, at a time, and soon we will be living in a very different world. That is HERO!

HERO was founded to improve the world, one child at a time, through humane education.

Learning leads to understanding, understanding inspires compassion, compassion gives rise to humane action.