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Our mission at Humane Education Resource Organization (HERO) is to nurture compassion, kindness, and respect for all people, animals, and the environment. Humane education provides children with the insight and perspective needed to promote empathy and understanding.  Our approach encourages children to recognize the interconnectedness of issues pertaining to people, animals, and our beautiful planet. We endeavor to impart the principles of fairness, integrity, and responsibility so children will have both the wisdom and the courage they need to speak up and get involved.

To accomplish our mission, HERO will produce and stream educational videos for children in grades K-12.  Each series of videos will cover different topics with an emphasis on kindness, respect, empathy, and responsibility. The topics will include pets, cultural and religious diversity, disabilities, the environment, and wildlife. The videos will be available online through our website.

HERO’s programs provide children with the critical thinking skills they need for problem-solving, consensus, and planning.  We strive to cultivate compassionate leaders who will advocate for human rights, animal rights, and a healthy environment.

HERO was founded to improve the world, one child at a time, through humane education.

Learning leads to understanding, understanding inspires compassion, compassion gives rise to humane action.

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