WE TEACH kids how to be a hero!

Using kindness, compassion, and courage.
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Why We Teach

Children love our stories! Their response is enthusiastic and nurturing kindness improves all our lives. We receive positive feedback and children share their own stories about helping others. Their positive energy is contagious. We know we are making a difference.


Hero, Children, Education, Animals, Environment, Humane Education Resource Organization

How We Teach

Using videos and classroom presentations, we share stories about what it is like for people and animals to be hurt, lonely, scared, bullied, and discriminated against, and how children can help.  In the videos our superhero, Hero Rosa, will guide children toward possible solutions and work with them to resolve the issue. Our short and fun educational videos are free online and available to anyone.


Hero, Children, Education, Animals, Environment, Humane Education Resource Organization

What We Teach

We teach kindness, compassion, courage, respect, and responsibility through storytelling. Our first series of videos will focus on compassion and care for companion animals. We will also partner with experts to produce videos to inspire kindness and respect for all people regardless of race, culture, religion, or disability.  We will also encourage children to be heroes for wildlife and the environment. Humane education instills compassion for all living beings.


HERO is a young and energetic 501(c)(3) founded to fulfill the need for fun, age appropriate humane education videos.  Watch our founder’s story here.

Be a Hero - Get Involved!

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We would love to teach in your classroom, contact us to learn more.  (Classroom presentations are available in the greater Los Angeles area, but are postponed until the COVID restrictions are lifted.) 

Volunteers are needed for film production in Los Angeles, California.

Email: Lori@heroedu.org

Call Us: 310-429-5542

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