Fortunately, history has many women who have positively impacted our lives.  In March we celebrate all women who have stepped forward and acted with courage, compassion, and pursued their dreams.

Amanda Gorman has already made history as the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. Her children’s book, “Change Sings A Children’s Anthem” reminds us that we all have the power to shape the world through our actions and voices. First, change comes from within, which is planted like seeds and grows. Loren Long’s illustrations lovingly bring to life the poet’s words by showing acts of kindness, tolerance, and working together that allows us to recognize we are all the same and together we can create positive change.  

“Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History” by Vashti Harrison consists of short stories of 40 Black women throughout U.S. History. Each woman is affectionately drawn by Vashti Harrison, who started this project in honor of Black History Month. The book provides an interesting story for each woman and can also be a good foundation if a child wants to learn more. The book includes women from the mid-eighteenth century to women living today. It is a wonderful compendium to learn all the amazing choices women have made for themselves over the years.

“The World is Not Rectangle A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid” written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter, is the story of Zaha Hadid, an architect who brought to life buildings that imitate nature.  The book starts with Zaha’s childhood in Iraq and how she was inspired by ancient cities.  She was dismissed as a woman and a Muslim, but she “made a conscious decision not to stop” and today her incredibly beautiful buildings are worldwide, and her legacy goes on, as the architect firm she started carries on with her work.  See some of Zaha Hadid’s buildings here.

These inspirational books are available at your library or local bookstore. More information Women’s History Month can be found here.