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Your donations will be used to create high quality, fun, educational videos, which are professionally filmed scripted stories, complete with a superhero and the companion animals that children love.  The videos are free for everyone!  We are super excited to announce that we completed filming our video about breed discrimination and are raising funds for post-production, which includes editing, sound, and music.  We cannot wait to share our first video with you!

Honorary donations may be made to celebrate a special occasion or to honor a loved one. Upon request, we will send a certificate acknowledging your donation made to HERO on someone’s behalf. The certificate can be provided to you for delivery, or we can email or mail the certificate directly to the recipient. Please note, we do not add the recipient’s email or address to our database. Please email for more information about making an honorary donation.


Learning leads to understanding,
understanding inspires compassion,
compassion gives rise to humane action.

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